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To share your own thoughts about NYC events with the BigMapple community, you'll need to use a mobile device. (The reason for this is that computers don’t have the GPS hardware that we need to map out a location.)

You'll also need to use the hash tag (or keyword) codes that appear on BigMapple next to the event you’re commenting on.

We’re especially interested in comments and events that relate to NYC events. That’s why our map is designed to give priority to uploads that use these keywords.

Here's an example from twitter:

#nyc-rutebaga-parade ftw omg lol rofl!!!

You get the picture.

For twitter comments to appear on BigMapple, you need to enable the geotagging feature on your twitter account. To do this, log in to twitter, go to the Settings tab, and put a check the box labeled Enable Geotagging. This will give us the information we need to place your tweets on the map (and in our hearts).

If you’re a Flickr user, don’t worry. All Flickr photos uploaded from mobile devices have the geotags we need to put them on the map. Hug your camera for us.